Because you de-activated JavaScript in your browser, the European Parliament does not add any analytical cookie on your device. If you change your mind and accept to be tracked by the European Parliament, please activate JavaScript in your browser and refresh your cache.

Do we use cookies and server logs?

We use different types of cookies, aiming different purposes.

  • Some cookies allow us to enable specific functions or to improve your navigation experience, while others allow us to analyse the way you consult our websites in order to improve it.
  • Some are strictly necessary, while others help us to personalise your navigation by remembering your preferences and settings.

Besides cookies, we also use our server logs in order to be able to analyse, to monitor and to diagnosis our technical infrastructures and applications. They help us to assume our operational security, to investigate on incidents, to monitor our network and telecommunication performance and to provide user assistance.

By navigating on our websites, you implicitly accept the use of:

  • all technical and session cookies, which are stored during the session laps time
  • all visitor preferences (such as language), which are stored permanently
  • all server logs, which are kept for a limited period only

All cookies and server logs we use on our websites are listed and described in the Cookies Inventory page.

How can you accept or refuse our analytics cookies?

We use analytics cookies in order to monitor the navigation of our users and improve the quality of your browsing experience.

Analytics cookies are added by our Web Analytics tool, AT Internet, and are considered as third party cookies. They help us to prepare aggregated and anonymous statistical reports on the navigation of our visitors.

You may accept or refuse them, either via the banner displayed at the bottom on our websites, or via the widget proposed on the top of this page. If you decide not to express your agreement, by ignoring the question, we will NOT place any cookie.

If you prefer not to be tracked, you can also activate the "Do Not Track" (DNT) setting on your browsers. It will guarantee you we will not track your navigation activity at all. These “Do Not Track” settings are available in most browsers.

All details on our analytics cookies are available on the Cookies inventory page.